Can a rubber roof be put on a garden shed to keep squirrels out?

Answer They can always find a way in, an exterminator will help your problem or you can buy a certain kind of trap that will capture it but not kill it if you want to spare its life.

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How do I get rid of squirrels on a roof?

Remove AccessLook at the area around your home to determine how the squirrel is getting onto the roof. Most squirrels won't climb walls or drainpipes; rather they jump from tree limbs to the roof t... Read More »

How to Build a Shed Roof?

Building a shed roof may sound difficult, but it is actually very doable. The height is the only difficult issue. If you are building a shed from a kit, then most likely the roof is preassembled (o... Read More »

How to Install a Roof Truss on a Shed?

There are basically three ways to get roof trusses for a shed. You can buy a kit, which comes with trusses, either assembled or cut with all the elements ready to be put together. You can buy prefa... Read More »

How to Install a Shed Roof Over a Porch?

Building a shed-style roof over your existing porch is an easy project that can add some curb appeal, shade and value to your home. A shed roof is a simple design that basically attaches to your h... Read More »