Can a roof over be put over a camper trailer?

Answer A roof can be placed over a camper trailer, and should be done when winterizing or leaving the camper in a specific spot for an extended period of time. The roof reduces the effects of weather and ... Read More »

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How to Install a Skylight on a Camper Trailer With a Rubber Roof?

Fresh air and natural sunlight are two reasons to install a skylight in your camper trailer. These two elements make the unit feel larger. Skylights can be installed prior to purchase of the camper... Read More »

How to Put a New Roof on a Camper?

Over time during a heavy rain fall you may feel drips coming from your camper. Mother Nature and excessive traveling will take its toll on your camper throughout the year. It may come to a point wh... Read More »

How to Fix a Pop-Up Camper Roof?

Pop-up campers are the more affordable type for many first-time buyers, and this makes them a popular choice for purchase. The top portion of the camper is usually raised by a hand crank. This cons... Read More »

DIY Bicycle Camper Trailer?

Bicycle camper trailers can be useful in many areas of the world, be they developing countries where transportation systems are primitive and rough, or even on your favorite mountain bike trail car... Read More »