Can a retired cpo from navy reserve who came out of retirement and joined national guard and retired as a sargent question can you wear the navy uniform to a navy ball or must you go army?

Answer Yes as long as u wear the rank and awards that you made in the navy but why would you move from e7 to a e5 that's just crazy

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Should a retired navy chaplain wear his uniform when performing priestly duties?

Chapter 6, Section 10 of the Navy's Uniform Regulations states that a retiree may wear a uniform for a formal occasion such as a wedding, funeral, military parade or meeting of a military organizat... Read More »

Is an ex-wife of a retired navy chief eligible by law to receive half of his navy pension?

It depends on the legal terms of their divorce - if the divorce agreement specifically entitles the ex-spouse to the member's pension (percentage determined by the agreement), then yes, she is enti... Read More »

Can you wear navy ribbons on the army uniform?

Yes, but not every ribbon is approved for wear on Army uniforms, IIRC.

Were to get a retired navy id?

You should have been issued one at retirement. If you have lost that one, you should contact the nearest military facility. They will be able to provide the necessary documentation to issue a new... Read More »