Can a repo man take the car with the carseat inside?

Answer When a car is repossessed, the repo man will take the car with everything inside. They cannot keep personal items, including car seats, found inside the car and will return these items to the owner... Read More »

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Can a 2 yr old in a carseat ride with no air bagsin the front of a truck?

At age 8 your son should not be worrying about wieghts and muscles. He should be doin fun children activities. I would wait until he was atleast age 13 or well into puberty as you don't want to sti... Read More »

I found a lot of repo cars at are repo good cars?

Many repo are bad, but the people at are inspecting all the cars so you don't have to worry, buy with confidence.

Can I Get a Mortgage With a Mobile Repo?

Getting a new mortgage loan after any credit issue is challenging. But depending on your credit habits after the mishap, and the length of time that's passed, you can possibly qualify for a new mor... Read More »

How to Prevent the Repo of My Mother's Car with Estate Law?

The last thing you want to think about soon after your mother's death is how to pay back her vehicle loan. However, if you don't notify her creditor of her death, the repossession man might take he... Read More »