Can a relative file for custody of a child?

Answer Yes.

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What kind of things are helpful to win child custody at the final hearing on custody of a non-relative infant of an acquaintance?

Answer It would be nice to know whether you were married to the other parent or if you lived with them. If the two of you lived together, the most helpful thing (I guess this could depend on what ... Read More »

Can a relative get custody of a child who lives in another state if the child is being abused or neglected?

AnswerYes.Maybe.The relative would have to request an investigation from the department of children and family services in the state where the child resides.If the investigation warrants the child ... Read More »

How do you get legal custody of non relative child?

It is very difficult to get legal custody of a specific child if you are not a relative. If the child live with you, exclusively, you need to have him declared a ward of the court. At the same time... Read More »

How can a non-relative obtain temporary custody or the authority to make educational and medical decisions for a child?

How can the God Mother of a child obtain custody if the grandmother wants the child but she has and DYFS case and knew where the child was but did not insist upon getting the child after Dyfs has h... Read More »