Can a refrigerator be transported on its side?

Answer Answer No it should not be transported on its side. Appliance stores will tell you this is a no no. If you must be sure to leave the refrigerator upright for several hours upon reaching your desti... Read More »

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What causes a side by side general electric refrigerator to freeze on the refrigerator side?

AnswerTry thoroughly defrosting it. If the self-defrost isn't working properly the ice could build up in the freezer side, moisture could freeze into the insulation, pass the frost through the wall... Read More »

Can a dryer be transported on its side?

On One Hand: Not RecommendedCorvallis, Oregon-based general contractor Mike Byers has moved his fair share of dryers during his 30-year career. According to Byers, the drum in a dryer relies on pre... Read More »

How long should you wait before plugging in a refrigerator that was transported upright?

How to Connect a Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator With Water to the Door?

Most Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerators have an automatic ice maker built into the refrigerator cavity, and many also have an ice and water dispenser installed in the freezer door. The refrigerat... Read More »