Can a rapist have custody of his kid?

Answer Depends on the level of the offense. Also, should this be the case, should the children be left in the care of an abusive mother.

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Where can you get help if your father is a rapist?

Answer The Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network, (see link for Crisis Hotline 1-800-656-4673If this doesn't work then a gun store.

What is the difference between a pedophile and a rapist?

a pedophile is a person who rapes and or touches kids, a rapist is with all ages.

What episode dose Christian get serial rapist?

yes but she's coming back fir the episoe Lauren (6x18) to help find Agent Emily Prentiss

If you are 16 can your grandma get emergency custody of you and then sign it over to your mother who didn't have custody over you if your dad had custody?

Answer If the minor child is in an unsuitable environment which constitutes abuse, neglect or endangerment, DFS (social services) should be notified at once. A family member such as a grandmother c... Read More »