Can a radio scanner pick up a cell phone?

Answer Cellphones now use digital techniques, rather the the old analogue systems of the 1990s, so any signal picked up is not intelligible.

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Device scanner, scans for pc, cell phone, radio, etc?

Has to be one. as the signals are in a range that is known.. so.. i searched google for wifi detector and saw a commercial site that has a portable device that alerts you of any activity ..

How do I uninstall scanner radio on my android phone?

Check with your support site or go by the phone store...

How do I change a cell phone into a scanner?

Select and Install SoftwareSelect cell phone scanner software that is compatible with the cell phone. Install the scanner software on the cell phone per designer's instructions.Photograph imageTurn... Read More »

Is it illegal to listen in on people's cell phone on a scanner?

yes..we have the expectation of privacy...BUT..if frequencies carry over from one phone to another...then..just know that if someone figured that out...they're probably listening RIGHT NOW!