Can a public company self-insure?

Answer States do allow public companies to self-insure, although each has its own requirements. In some states, such as Illinois and Massachusetts, public companies do not have to obtain approval to self-... Read More »

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How do you self-insure your car?

The best way to insure your car is by visiting comparison websites to compare insurance quotes then phone or buy online the best insurer and buy the policy. Try or http... Read More »

Can you insure your self?

Most states will have a statute about self insurance. if you want to consider being self insured you would need to check with your state on the requirements and meet their guidelines. However the c... Read More »

What are insurance company that will insure you If you are denied by a different life insurance company?

Most companies provide worldwide protection for your belongings. You will need to check with your agent, broker and / or insurance company to be certain. You also want to ensure that you have off p... Read More »

Can large corporations self-insure for workers'comp?

On One Hand: They Can in Most States.Most states allow qualifying companies to self-insure for workers' compensation. Corporations that have consistently had workers' comp claims lower than the amo... Read More »