Can a property be sold with liens on it?

Answer On One Hand: Property Liens Are CommonMost properties have liens upon them at some time. Mortgages are the most common lien on land. There are liens for property taxes due or home improvements not ... Read More »

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On a comm'l liability policy with 3 locations insured has had with same ins co for the last five years one property is sold insd forgets to tell ins co notices he has been paying ins premiums on sold?

Answer On Aug. 12th Insurance plus answered this question with the following: Answer In most states they only have to go back 2 years.

Can Property Be Sold With a Quit Claim Deed?

A quitclaim deed is a type of transfer deed used to convey or change title on real property. It carries no express or implied warranty as to the grantor's interest in the property or his right to c... Read More »

Can tax liens on property be negotiated?

A tax lien can be negotiated with the Internal Revenue Service. According to online tax information site, it is difficult to negotiate with the IRS without an attorney. Negotiation... Read More »

How do I purchase property tax liens?

Local Government OfficeInquire about tax liens at the local government office in the county or township in which you wish to purchase a tax lien. The office should provide you with tax lien sale da... Read More »