Can a project budget be used as a risk mitigation tool?

Answer On One Hand: A Budget Keeps the Project On TrackA budget is heavily affected by "project drift," which is a risk to the project's success. Project drift occurs when the focus of a project becomes l... Read More »

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How Does Business Risk Impact Project Risk?

Conditions are challenging for an organization operating in today's business environment. Such organizations adopt risk-management processes to anticipate and respond to new threats in their operat... Read More »

How Is a Budget a Communication Tool?

You may not immediately look at your budget as a communication tool so much as a basic financial tool for your business. But when you consider the fact that a communication tool is any resource tha... Read More »

Is it safe to use password recovery tool Any risk of virus or tracking stuff etc?

As long as you pay for the software and not use a cracked version, you will be safe.Go with a company with a reputable history....http://www.elcomsoft.comthere is also open source http://ophcrack.s... Read More »

Project Risk Management Courses?

One of the key indicators of a project's success is its ability to stick to the original plan in terms of timing and budget. Any project can fall victim to unforeseen events that can delay it or in... Read More »