Can a preteen get pregnant?

Answer Yes

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How to Act Like a Preteen?

Being a Preteen is a pretty cool thing, you're either 1, 2, or 3 years away from a teenager - Which means you should act more mature, and still have fun. Read on!

How to Get Along With a Preteen?

Preteens are going through a stage in their lives where it may be hard to reach out to them. If your child is like that then read on.

How to Have Fun As a Preteen?

Having trouble having fun in the most important years of your life, The "preteen years"? Here is some cool advice to actually have some fun during this time in life.

How old is a preteen?

a preteen is 12 yrs old andateen is 13-19cuz it has the word teen in ithope i helped