Can a pregnant women determine the race of her baby while pregnant?

Answer No, she can't decide what gender it will be or who the father is if there is more than one option either. If the parents are of the same race the child will be that race as well. if the parents are... Read More »

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Is it harder for obese pregnant women to feel fetal movement more so than pregnant women who are pregnant and are not overweight?

it is not harder to feel the movement it just is not as harsh on your ribs and back because there is more "wiggle room" for the baby. however, it will be harder to see the movement from the outside.

Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant?

The baby can get pregnant only if it's a female. If you suspect that your baby is pregnant, try not to have sex again. You run the risk of getting your baby's baby pregnant and that can lead to com... Read More »

Is it safe to go to a nascar race while pregnant?

Nothing is perfectly safe. You could get in a wreck on the way there. You could be mugged in the parking lot. You could be hit by debris during a crash. You might go running onto the track too earl... Read More »

Is it safe for women to be on methadone while pregnant?

No it affects the fetus and after the abortion is done there's no lingering effect.