Can a pregnant woman get a tattoo?

Answer Answer Modern tattooing is super safe, but there is no reason to do anything that would present even 0.0000001% chance of blood born pathogen/infections. Wait until the baby is born.Although, not... Read More »

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Can a man ejaculate in a pregnant woman more than once while still pregnant?

Yes. A man can ejaculate in the body of a pregnant woman as many times as he would like to.

How long can a woman be pregnant without knowing that she is pregnant?

Answer Some women may go into labour at term without realising they are pregnant.This may be because they are already obese and the pregnancy does not make much difference to their size, or they ma... Read More »

If a man and a woman who are not in a relationship accidentally get pregnant and decide upon adoption but the woman last minute decides to keep the child is the father still responsible for child supp?

Answer He can be if she goes to court and names him in a paternity suit.

How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo If You Are A Woman?

Are you a feminine woman who just wants a tattoo to add to your sexiness? If you are not a biker lady and don't want to show people how touch and manly you are but just want an elegant permanent de... Read More »