Can a pregnant woman feel a lump in her stomach at four weeks?

Answer No, generally speaking a woman can not feel anything at four weeks, it is too early. Feeling the fetus in stomach or feeling of baby movement differ from women to women. But there are some other sy... Read More »

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34 weeks pregnant feel and see pulsing on your stomach?

Can a woman feel a bulge in upper and lower parts of stomach due to pregnancy early in the first weeks?

You are four weeks pregnant Is it possible to feel moving in your stomach that is not gas bubbles?

No, the baby is still too small for any movements to be felt for many more weeks.

What does a pregnant woman feel inside her stomach during her first trimester?

If you are talking about the baby moving, most women don't feel anything until at least 16-20 weeks, which 4 or 5 months. Some women who have had children before, or women who are very slim may fee... Read More »