Can a pregnant woman eat blue cheese?

Answer On One Hand: Risk of ListeriosisUnpasteurized blue cheese may contain listeria, a form of bacteria that can cause the infection listeroisis. While listeriosis poses only a minimal risk to healthy a... Read More »

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Can pregnant woman eat Roquefort cheese?

It is not recommended that pregnant women eat Roquefort cheese. It is a blue moldy cheese and mold has toxins that are not good for the baby. Also it is a raw milk cheese with a fresh rind so there... Read More »

Blue cheese dressing on a grilled cheese sandwich?

Thinly sliced Gruyère , sharp cheddar, swiss, american, smoked gouda, bacon and lettuce blt with blue cheese dressing instead of mayo. Add hick sliced tomatoes. Make two loaves of bread from http:... Read More »

What makes blue cheese blue?

Blue cheese is renowned for its cool but tangy and piquant flavor that complements foods from salads to buffalo wings. It gets its trademark blue veins from various forms of the blue-green mold pen... Read More »

I am flying a pregnant woman and her husband to the US from Sweden and she's going to be 33 weeks pregnant when they leave how can I get her insured while she's here?