Can a pregnant woman drink ginger ale and eat gingerbread cookies?

Answer Yes, both can help with morning sickness too.

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Is it ok for a pregnant woman to drink Ensure?

you can but due to the high chemical content i would have concerns about the impact on your baby. i recomend onesource optimal nutrition as a supplemental beverage to my pregnant patients. it also ... Read More »

Can you drink urine of pregnant woman?

It is no more or less healthy than the urine of a non-pregnant woman.

Can a pregnant woman drink o'douls?

What's the difference between gingerbread, ginger snap and snicker doodles?

Gingerbread cookies are a bit thicker than ginger snaps. These are what gingerbread houses and gingerbread men/women/children are made of.Ginger snaps are thinner and more crisp than gingerbread. ... Read More »