Can a pregnant woman be around someone getting chemotherapy?

Answer Someone undertaking Chemotherapy is not likely to have any physical consequences to those around them. You can consult a doctor if you have concerns.

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What happens if a woman gets pregnant while her husband is on chemotherapy?

Yes, you could be pregnant. At the moment it is too early to take a pregnancy test. You need to wait until 3 weeks after you had sex before taking a pregnancy test. However, you period may just be ... Read More »

Can pregnant women be around chemotherapy patients?

On One Hand: Chemotherapy Is Not Transmitted Person to PersonCasual contact does not spread chemotherapy medications, so there is no danger to a pregnant woman or her fetus if the pregnant woman is... Read More »

What will happen to your baby if you were one to two weeks pregnant when you assisted in a chemotherapy but you didn't know it?

Answer i believe that chemotherapy is only harmful to the one that is being treated, radiation therapy particulary i101 iodine on the other hand can make other people sick just by being near the t... Read More »

I am flying a pregnant woman and her husband to the US from Sweden and she's going to be 33 weeks pregnant when they leave how can I get her insured while she's here?