Can a pregnant minor get married without parental consent in Ohio?

Answer AnswerIt depends in which state you live in if you can give me a state i could tell you ill cheack back later and see if you've answered this thanks 4 everything AnswerThere are three states that ... Read More »

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How can a minor get married with out parental consent in Michigan?

By growing up and not be a minor anymore. Or get emancipated.

If you're pregnant can you get married without parental consent at the age of seventeen?

Answer Only in certain states, Georgia, Florida and Maryland(with some exceptions). The law in those states requires that the minor present a notarized statement from a doctor licensed in the state... Read More »

Can a teenager in Florida get married without parental consent if she is pregnant?

Answer No. I was in the same situation, and I live in Florida. You either have to be 18 years old, or you need to be "legally emancipated". To be legally emancipated, you need to be at least 16, an... Read More »

If you are 16 and are pregnant or have already had the child of a guy 18 and old in Florida how is it legally possible to get married without parental consent?

Answer Yes, if you have had a child, and swear on this, and have a doctors proof, then you may apply for a marriage license without the consent of your parents thought may decide not to issue you ... Read More »