Can a pregnant 19-year-old girl marry a 17-year-old boy in Arkansas or Louisiana without parental consent?

Answer Here is what I found about getting married in these two states if you are under the age of 18.Under 18 in Louisiana:If either party to the marriage is between the ages of 16 and 18, the presence an... Read More »

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In the state of Colorado is it legal for a pregnant 15-year-old girl to marry the child's father who is 20 with parental consent?

AnswerIt depends on where you live. Mississippi will allow it. And you may be able to marry in Illinois if you get a judge's permission. AnswerMarriage is allowed in Georgia without parental conse... Read More »

Can a pregnant 16-year-old marry a 17-year-old without parental consent?

Answer The answer to that is no, you cannot because you are under age Answer It depends entirely on the state. Most states require you to be 18; however, if pregnant, many states have loopholes ar... Read More »

In what state can a 16-year-old girl marry an 18-year-old boy without the parents' consent if the girl is pregnant?

Some states will issue a marriage license if there is a court order.

In the State of Georgia can a pregnant 16-year-old marry without parental consent?

Answer In most states, a juvenile having a child is considered emancipated, or a legal adult. As such, she can do as she pleases. You can check whether this is true in your state by contacting t... Read More »