Can a pregnant 16 year old move out of her parents' home in Texas?

Answer No as you are only 16 years old and a minor it does not matter even if you are living in the state of Texas you can not just walk out as you are pregnant even and need care all the more.

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If I am a 16 year old in Texas and pregnant can I move out of my house to go live with my boyfriend's parents?

No. First of all are you not emancipated and would need parental consent to move out. Second is that the age of consent is 17 in Texas so move to your boyfriend and live with him as in a relationsh... Read More »

Can a pregnant 17-year-old move out of her parents' house and in with her 19-year-old boyfriend when the baby is born?

Answer In all liklihood. In many states, a child having a baby is reason for automatic emancipation.

Can a pregnant 15-year-old girl move in with her 15-year-old boyfriend and his parents if they will be taking care of the baby?

In Texas if a 16 year old gets pregnant can she move out legally?

no with a but... No. You being pregnant has nothing to do with the statute that defines you as a legal adult at 17. You can be forced to move back in with your parents at 16, but it most likely w... Read More »