Can a power surge cause the relay to fail on a refrigerator?

Answer Even the most technologically advanced refrigerator relays can be blown by power surges during storms as power grids attempt to come back on line. A blown refrigerator circuit board can cost betwee... Read More »

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Can a power surge cause a relay to burn out on a refrigerator?

On One Hand: Surge Can Harm Sensitive EquipmentA power surge happens when your line voltage spikes well above normal limits. For example, in the United States, where your normal voltage is about 11... Read More »

What does"power surge on USB hub"mean?

Windows operating systems allow for each USB device to operate at a maximum of 500 milliamps. If the operating system senses that a USB port has exceeded this amount, it will display an error. Th... Read More »

Can the surge from a refrigerator cycling on and off damage the circuitry of a gas furnace aqua stat or other electronic equipment?

Answer Yes it can, but I will only give you clue as to why. "What does a single phase motor need to start the motor?" Extra credit!!! Does The Code require a dedicated circuit for the refrigerator?... Read More »

Power surge question?

No thats unsafe and will mess up some appliances and you may also cause some breakers to trip !