Can a power amp be used like a mixer?

Answer On One Hand: Power Amp UsesPower amplifiers are the devices that instruments such as guitars, basses and keyboards are plugged in to. They send a signal to a speaker that amplifies the instrument, ... Read More »

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Can a headphone out be used as a mixer in?

You can either get it from Best Buy, or Electronic Fries and if you can't find it you can either find it at any store that sells electronic stuff.

Which Jar of Mixer Grinder is used for making Idli/Dosa paste ?

What mixer do you like with your firewater.?

Firewater?! I take it you're part Native American. What do You take with your firewater, Cap'n? Then make mine the same. :)

Do you really need a mixer/mixer console?

No, you'll need a DAW. If you read the description, he uses FL Studio, though you could also download Ableton, Cubase, Reason, Logic etc"howtomakeemusic" has some good tutorials for FL Studio.