Can a police officer run your license plate without probable cause?

Answer Because license plates are public information, police officers do not need probable cause to check the numbers. Many state courts have investigated whether the Fourth Amendment protects against ran... Read More »

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Can an off duty police officer who you cut off have a ticket issued to you after the fact by another police officer in Ontario?

How to Be a Police Officer Without a BA?

If you are interested in police work, there are several types of law enforcement agencies from which to choose. The majority of these positions, in most states, only require a high school diploma o... Read More »

Should a off duty police officer inform you that he is a police officer?

I say yes Why should he, do you feel tat you have to tell people what you do for a living. No he doesn't have to tell you. Added: The above answer is true insofar as it goes. Additionally, howeve... Read More »

Lying to an officer in pa about a car accident what are the charges Daughter told officer she was drving and she wasnt her boyfriend with no license was driving and the officer was told there was in?

Yes it is possible that you could be unemployed and still be required to file a 1040 federal income tax return and pay some income taxes.If you are receiving unemployment compensation and have any ... Read More »