Can a police officer bring up a text record?

Answer According to, in most states, a police officer cannot look through your phone to read your text messages "without a search warrant or reasonable cause to believe a crime has been o... Read More »

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Can one become a police officer with an arrest record?

Few, if any, police departments restrict hiring to people who have never been arrested. However, if the applicant has a felony conviction, state and local laws differ on whether the applicant can b... Read More »

How to Become a Police Officer With a Bad Work Record?

Police and law enforcement professionals protect the public and prevent criminal activity. Police officers must maintain a high standard of personal ethics and work behavior. During the hiring proc... Read More »

Can you still become a police officer with a DUI on your record?

The requirements for becoming a police officer vary by jurisdiction. Generally, most police departments will not hire someone to become a police officer if he has a criminal conviction within seven... Read More »

Does a police officer need permission to tape record me?

While state laws vary, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, federal law enforcement officials may eavesdrop and record telephone conversations after showing probable cause and obtaining a... Read More »