Can a podiatrist write prescriptions?

Answer Podiatrists can write prescriptions. They go through four years of medical school, then spend time learning their specialty. They are given the right to write prescriptions as any other doctor can.... Read More »

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Can an ophthalmologist write prescriptions?

As a licensed medical doctor, an ophthalmologist, or eye M.D., can legally write prescriptions for eye glasses and contact lenses. Ophthalmologists can also diagnose eye-related diseases and prescr... Read More »

Can a chiropractor write prescriptions?

No, a chiropractor cannot legally write a prescription for a patient. A chiropractor can suggest over-the-counter medicines to his patients, but these types of medicines can be attained without a p... Read More »

Can a physical therapist write prescriptions?

A physical therapist can not write a prescription for medication unless he holds a medical license. Physical therapists use exercise, natural healing techniques and medical devices to treat mobilit... Read More »

Can physical therapists write out prescriptions?

A physical therapist does not hold the necessary medical license to prescribe medications. Physical therapists can make pharmaceutical drug recommendations to the patient's doctor, though the thera... Read More »