Can a play&charge kit charge rechargeable batteries?

Answer The Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit includes two things: a charger for NiMH rechargeable batteries and a cable that allows the user to continue playing while charging. As indicated by its name, the char... Read More »

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Do you need to charge rechargeable batteries before you use?

The best way to do a rechargeable battery is if there is a charge in it is to run the battery completely down. Then charge it completely and it is ready for use. Sometime it takes several charges t... Read More »

How to Tell If Rechargeable Batteries Still Hold a Charge?

Though they can be slightly more expensive initially than regular batteries, rechargeable batteries can often last for years. Determine whether your rechargeable batteries still hold a charge using... Read More »

How long should rechargeable batteries charge?

The time it takes to recharge batteries depends on the size of the battery and the milliamps (mA) of the charging station. A double-A battery charging on a 400 mA station will take just under eight... Read More »

How long do energizer rechargeable batteries hold a charge?

Energizer rechargeable batteries will lose between 20 percent and 50 percent of their charge within six months if they are not being used. After that time, Energizer recommends that the batteries b... Read More »