Can a pinched nerve cause pain in back and front?

Answer Pinched nerves in the back activate the muscles around them to tighten them up to trap the nerve and muscles into that pain. Tight muscles in your back can press into the nerves going around your ... Read More »

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Can a pinched nerve cause chest pain?

According to the Mayo Clinic, a pinched nerve is one of the many noncardiac conditions that can cause chest pain.SourceMayo Clinc Chest Pain

Can physical therapy on a pinched nerve in the neck cause a sore back?

yes. they don't even know what a pinched nerve is. nerves are usually interfered with while still filaments within the spinal cord, and manipulating your neck is likely to aggravate the cord pressu... Read More »


yes, nerve interference is often responsible for circulatory problems to the brain which can cause dizziness. see an hio method chiropractor. just heard from a young adult with a history of vision ... Read More »

Can arthritis cause a pinched nerve?

The inflammation that often comes with arthritis can put pressure on nerves.