Can a person with low blood pressure have an enlarged heart?

Answer Cardiomegaly, an enlargement of the heart, is typically caused by prolonged high blood pressure that requires the heart muscles to overwork themselves for an extended amount of time. Temporary low ... Read More »

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Does an enlarged heart create high blood pressure?

High Blood Pressure. High blood pressure causes the heart musclÓ© to ωork harder to pump blood throughout the bοdy. Oνer time, thÑ–s can caÏ…se the Ò»eart muscle to enlarge. Mild enlargement of... Read More »

Can a person can have an stroke or heart attack eventhough his/her blood pressure is 110/60?

yesyou could have either from having a blood clot go to your brain or heart

What does blood pressure implies about heart?

There's 3 main determinants of arterial blood pressure: heart rate, stroke volume and resistance to blood flow. From them, you can estimate blood pressure and/or have an idea of what's modifying it... Read More »

Blood pressure and heart risk?

A person your age isn't old enough to have coronary disease yet; it takes many many years for the plaque to build up enough to block arteries. It does sound like "chest wall syndrome", it is very c... Read More »