Can a person with a felony join the Army?

Answer You cannot join the Army if you have felonies on your record. To join the U.S. Army, you must meet recruitment requirements. One of those requirements is that your record be free of any felony conv... Read More »

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Can you join the army with old felony?

It's possible, but highly unlikely to the point of being virtually impossible.

Can I join the Army with a felony on my record?

If you want to join the Army but have a felony on your criminal record, you can still enlist, depending on the nature of your offense. Tell your recruiter the truth about your felony in advance.Sou... Read More »

Can you join the army if you have a felony?

It is possible that you can be waivered in, dependent on what exactly your felony conviction was for, and it can't hurt to simply talk to a recruiter and ask. Understand beforehand that you may hav... Read More »

Can you join the U S army if a spouse had a felony conviction?

Yes. It's your character of service which is relevant, not your RE code.