Can a person who owns three condos that have parking spaces assigned by the declaration sell one and in the title state that it only has one parking space and thereby maintain control of the other?

Answer It sounds like you own three condominium units and three parking spaces, each of which is listed on the title of the condominium to which it is attached (by space number, usually). You can present ... Read More »

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What is the required number of parking spaces for handicap parking?

The minimum number of handicap-accessible parking spaces depends on the total number of spaces in the lot, according to requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. For instance, in a lot w... Read More »

How long and wide is a parking lot with 7 parking spaces?

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Why do some people back into parking spaces in a parking lot?

I tottaly agree with you. I think they just want to show off their stupid cars. lol Or maybe they think they'll be able to leave the spot faster. Either way its dumb.

How many handicap parking spaces must be provided in a parking lot?

The size of a parking lot determines the number of spaces required. For lots of 26-50 cars, one standard handicap spot and one van accessible spot is required. If a lot is between 501 and 1,000 car... Read More »