Can a person take methadone while taking Subutex?

Answer On One Hand: No Interactions does not list a possible negative interaction between the drugs methadone and Subutex. Methadone and Subutex use are centered on pain relief during with... Read More »

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Is taking methadone while you are pregnant safe?

AnswerThis isn't an easy question to answer. I do know that there are pregnant women who attend the local methadone clinic, however, it can and does cause addiction in the newborn. It all depends i... Read More »

What are some risks taking methadone while you are pregnant?

Is subutex safe to take while being pregnant?

yes it is.Subutex is prescribed instead of suboxone ..I'm currently 5 months pregnant and taking 2 8mg. pills a day. Suboxone and Subutex are just alike except subutex lacks one ingredient that sub... Read More »

How long should a methadone patient take to get off of methadone on 60mg?

my fiancee has been on it for 2 yrs and they say it is the hardest thing to dtox off of are you in the clinic well e-mail I will answer better then