Can a person on disability still work?

Answer AnswerA simple answer is: "Yes". However, I have a sense there is more to it. If you are asking more specifically can they work and still receive the benefits then the correct answer is: "It depend... Read More »

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If you are in California and have been placed on permanent and stationary disability - but are able to go back to work - do you still qualify for disability payments?

If you can work, WORK! This is what is wrong with this country today, to many lazy people that can work are sitting home on disability when even a paraplegic can do something to make money. Cali is... Read More »

Can a person who got injury on work and is on disability insurance work part time doing light work?

This one depends on the limits of your disability insurance. If you are on Social Security Disability (SSD), you must report that you are working but you are allowed to work a few hours and dependi... Read More »

Can you work and still get state disability?

Unless the work does not violate your state's requirements for obtaining disability benefits, you would not be eligible.

Can you work and still receive short term disability?

Unless your state was very liberal, to qualify for disability ,of any length, you have to establish your inability to work, and you are still working so it stands to reason you could not collect.