Can a person lose their taste for meat?

Answer A persons tastes for different foods changes all the time.That favorite pablum you chowed down as an infant would probably taste vile now.The foods you hated as a child may well be some of your fav... Read More »

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Is a person still a vegetarian even if they pick the meat out of their food?

Calling that "vegetarian-in-training" is probably accurate.I've never done it, never would, and sort of sigh at the occasional expectation that that might make something vegetarian 'enough' for me ... Read More »

If humans are meant to eat meat why dont they eat their meat raw like natural meateaters do?

humans arent meant to eat meat. we dont have canine teeth, our stomachs and digestive system arent made for eating meat. it actually clogs up your digestive system for a couple days. humans arent n... Read More »

Why does lamb meat taste bad?

I don't like the taste of many meats. Maybe you are not used to it or don't like it. I like lamb meat if it is done with mint sauce. I like fish if it is done properly but grilled fish I just can't... Read More »

What does meat taste like?

You are so not deprived.:)After having dead animals forced into my body from when I was an infant/ toddler, I of course used to like it simply because my body got used to it, like you can get used ... Read More »