Can a person have multiple life insurance policies at a time?

Answer AnswerYes, the issue is not how many policies one has, it's the total amount compared to ones income, assets & responsibiities.I think the asker was more interested to know if it is possible to hav... Read More »

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Can you have multiple travel insurance policies?

Yes, you can as long as they are not from the same company. There is usually a standard provision in travel insurance policies that prohibit you from buying more than one policy from the same compa... Read More »

How many life insurance policies can one have?

As long as you can pay the premium, there is no limit to how many life insurance policies you may own. If purchasing multiple policies, remember to keep a master copy of all the information in a sa... Read More »

Do term life insurance policies have cash value?

Term life insurance policies have no cash value or savings component, according to Investopedia. A term life insurance policy is valid for a specific period of time, after which the insured must re... Read More »

Should a single person have life insurance?

On One Hand: Better Safe Than Sorry.Even when one is single with no dependents, he more than likely still has friends or family who would like to give him a decent funeral in the case of his passin... Read More »