Can a person have direct tv and use magic jack?

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Is Magic Jack a good thing to have what are some bad things that can happen when you have Magic Jack?

you gonna love it!!I have it since last may and love it!but remember, if you are like the rest of most ppl who need every thing spoon-feed, then the MJ is not for you....but if you get turned on by... Read More »

Have any of you ever tried "Magic Jack"?

I have it and love it!!but, remember..... your computer has to be on all the time!!and there are a lot of tricks you gotta learn to make it work just right!!its cheap.....but I would not wanted as ... Read More »

Does anyone have a link for a discounted Magic Jack?

what are they charging now $20, $30 a year? that is too expensive for you?quality sucks tho... and no support...

Can you fax with Magic Jack?

Technically, you can fax using a Magic Jack. However, the service is not guaranteed, and Magic Jack does not support faxing through its customer service center and the company recommends contactin... Read More »