Can a person get sunburned while they are swimming?

Answer yesthe water actually magnifies the suns rays so you get burnt worse more times then is important to wear a high factor sun screen that is waterproof and reapply every 2 hours.

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Why does person's legs appear shorter under the swimming pool?

Who was the first person inducted into the U.S. Swimming Hall of Fame?

The International Swimming Hall of Fame, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, named as its very first inductee Johnny "Tarzan" Weissmuller. Mr. Weissmuller was inducted in 1965. Oddly enough, alt... Read More »

How long should a person wait to go swimming after a chlorine treatment?

Answer The rule of thumb for our 21,000 gallon pool is one to two hours with the pump circulating the water. The chlorine should be mixed evenly after that. Never had any problems.

Why can you carry a person more easily in a swimming pool than on a land?

It is easier to carry a person in a pool or any body of water for that matter because the density of our body is about the same as water surrounding us. An object will float if its density (mass/vo... Read More »