Can a person get pregnant after a tubal?

Answer On One Hand: Tubal Ligation Prevents PregnancyA correctly performed tubal ligation, according to the Mayo Clinic, is considered to be a permanent form of birth control. This means that women who ha... Read More »

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Could i get pregnant if i had a tubal?

On One Hand: It is highly unlikelyTubal ligation has a failure rate of .1 percent (1/10 of one percent), which is the same failure rate as vasectomies. The odds are highly unlikely that a woman who... Read More »

Can you get pregnant seven years after a tubal ligation?

Answer I had a tubal 7 yrs ago cut and burned. I am 42 got pregnant 2005 with multiplies I miscarried at 8 weeks. I had an hysterogram done and found out that the left tube was slightly open. Dr. ... Read More »

How likely is it that you would get pregnant eight years after a tubal ligation?

Answer I had my tubes tied in March of 1999. Last year this time, I was pregnant but miscarried. And just today I found out I am pregnant again!! I pray that I do not miscarry!! So yes, it can happ... Read More »

Ive been feeling movement in your stomach but you had tubal can you be pregnant?

Answer Take a pregnancy test. I imagine you have gas, could be constipated, or you are feeling your waste move. Check w/your physician if it continues and you are concerned.