Can a person drive a vehicle into a donation center?

Answer Certainly a person may drive a vehicle into a donation center. However, most charitable organizations will happily provide free towing and pick up the car themselves. Even vehicles that do not run ... Read More »

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Can another person not on your insurance drive your vehicle?

Answer Most of the time they will be covered by either yours or their insurance if it's not a common practice. If I drive a siblings car here in IL, I'm covered by my insurance, but I'm not exact... Read More »

Can a 17 year old drive another person's insured vehicle without being on the policy?

Answer No. It is unwise, but many people make that mistake of allowing a person who is not on the policy to drive the vehicle. If there is an accident, your insurance company may cancel your policy... Read More »

Is a vehicle donation tax deductable?

Contributing a vehicle to a charity not only represents a kind gesture, but it can also serve as a tax deduction for you, if the organization receiving the donation meets certain standards. The IRS... Read More »

How is the value of my vehicle donation determined?

Determining the value of your tax deduction for a vehicle donation is not as simple as looking up the fair market value. You must take into consideration how the charity used the vehicle.Instant Au... Read More »