Can a person drink alcohol on probation?

Answer On One Hand: Most People on Probation Can Drink AlcoholOne of the conditions of probation is that the person on probation will not commit any additional crimes, on the threat of having their parole... Read More »

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Can a person with diabetes drink alcohol.?

This question comes up so often in this forum and so many people are misinformed.#1- Alcohol LOWERS blood sugar.Please everyone try and understand this.#2- If your friend is drinking make sure he e... Read More »

What kind of alcoholic drinks should a person have if they never drink alcohol before?

Well, you're goal is to not become an alcoholic. If you want to drink socially and responsibley, then start with wine coolers. Then, Kalua is a social drink that is not supposed to be for getting... Read More »

Do people that are obese need to drink more alcohol than a skinny person to get drunk?

the heavy person has to drink more, and it is because of the body size and mass that needs the larger quantity of liquor to become drunk

What Will My Probation Officer Do If I Fail an Alcohol Test?

Individuals on probation must abide by specific terms and conditions as ordered by the court. Because most probationers have issues with substance abuse, they are not allowed to drink alcohol. If t... Read More »