Can a person do exercise after a c section?

Answer Not for a very long time. You cannot do any exercising or strenous activity, lifting objects more than 8 pounds, or even walking up stairs for at least a few weeks or how long your doctor says: if ... Read More »

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How to Exercise After a C Section?

A c-section is considered major surgery, which means that you need time to heal. Overexerting yourself too soon afterward can lead to stitches coming out before they are ready, resulting in an even... Read More »

Best exercise for overweight person?

Who Is The Most Known Person The The Baby Names Section ?

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Is parasagittal section is a section that is perpendicular to a sagittal section?

The sagittal plane is a vertical plane through the longitudinal axis dividing the body into left and right portions. If the animal is bisected straight down the midline, the section is called a "mi... Read More »