Can a person die from epilepsy?

Answer On One Hand: Special Fatal Risks for Epileptic IndividualsEpilepsy causes seizures, or involuntary body convulsions. Although rare, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and... Read More »

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Can a person with epilepsy become a police officer?

There are no federal laws prohibiting people with epilepsy from becoming a police officer. Federal and many state civil laws protect the rights of people with epilepsy and prohibit all employers, i... Read More »

How many people die from epilepsy every year?

Epilepsy is a serious condition but, thanks to medications, excellent doctor care and patient education, can be controlled. People do die from epilepsy as a result of prolonged seizures. There is n... Read More »

Does epilepsy prevent the sufferer from flying ...?

Flight attendants on board are trained to handle people with epilepsy.It would be wise to let the airline know that you suffer from epilepsy before flight.An airline cannot refuse boarding due to e... Read More »

Does epilepsy disqualify me from joining the coastguard?

That could depend on the specific activity you were involved in and the type and severity of seizures that you have. There could be roles you could possibly play, even if it was only in the offices... Read More »