Can a person create dry eye symptoms?

Answer On One Hand: You Can Control Some FactorsYour eyes can become dry because of activities and environmental factors that you can control. Moving air from fans, car air conditioners and heaters and th... Read More »

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What r d symptoms of drug addicted person,Wht r d symptoms of a person who has gone through drug rehabilitatio?

well in most cases a drug addect or an x addect can detect another addect , the sypmtoms of a person that has gone through a drug program is the same as anyone else there are none , yes some ... Read More »

What Are the Symptoms of a Diabetic Person?

Diabetes Mellitus refers to a group of diseases that affect your body's use of glucose, or blood sugar. Glucose is the body's main source of energy for the muscles and tissues. When excess amounts ... Read More »

Can a person have physical symptoms from?

yesa broken heart is a huge form of stressyou can get back aches, chest pain, headachestime healsmy heart has been broken several timesby my first lovethen when my mom got cancerand then diedbeliev... Read More »

Can stress cause a person to have symptoms of pregnancy?

AnswerStress can definitely cause a person to have symptoms that are similar to pregnancy. Over eating in stressful times in life causes gradual weight gain. Stress levels affect menstrual cycles, ... Read More »