Can a person collect unemployment if working part time?

Answer You may collect unemployment benefits if you work part-time. However, your benefit is reduced according to a formula that takes into account how many hours you work and how much you earn. Each stat... Read More »

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Can a Person Collect Unemployment From Texas and Work Part-Time in Another State?

The Texas Workforce Commission does not penalize unemployed workers from taking a part-time job. In fact, it is encouraged. If you live near the Texas border, you may even be able to take a part-ti... Read More »

Can a part time student collect unemployment?

Unemployment benefits are regulated by state law within guidelines established by federal law. Each state allows you to petition for training or school attendance while collecting unemployment; man... Read More »

Can you collect unemployment& work part-time?

Specific rules for collecting unemployment vary by state. In some states, part-time work that earns the employee less than a stated limit will not disqualify him for benefits. In other states, work... Read More »

Can I Collect Unemployment While I Go Back to School Part Time?

When a person is laid off, he is often eligible to file for unemployment benefits. These benefits are paid weekly to the individual while he attempts to search for a job. The person who is receivin... Read More »