Can a person can have an stroke or heart attack eventhough his/her blood pressure is 110/60?

Answer yesyou could have either from having a blood clot go to your brain or heart

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If you give a person aspirin, as soon as you suspect he is having a heart attack/stroke, can it save his life?

If some one is having a heart attack giving them an aspirin will reduce the severity of the heart attack by keeping the clot that is causing it from getting worse. If they are having a stroke it c... Read More »

Can a person with low blood pressure have an enlarged heart?

Cardiomegaly, an enlargement of the heart, is typically caused by prolonged high blood pressure that requires the heart muscles to overwork themselves for an extended amount of time. Temporary low ... Read More »

Heart Burn or early signs of a heart attack or heat stroke?

Get checked out by a doctor. That doesn't sound right. It's not heartburn (stomach acid).

What is the differance between a heart attack and a stroke?

A stroke is a serious medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to the brain is disturbed. A heart attack, is when part of the heart muscle dies because it has been starved of oxygen. A h... Read More »