Can a person be arrested for this?

Answer Never say die! You hang in there!

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How do I find an arrested person in New York?

Contact NYC Inmate SiteType this link into your Web browser "" It is the New York City Department of Corrections Inmate Lookup Service. Enter the relavent... Read More »

Can person be arrested by state police on military installation?

(in the US) Yes, All military installations have a reciprocal jurisdiction agreement with the local civil authorities.

What three conditions must exist before a person can be arrested for reckless driving?

1) You were in (or on) a motor vehicle2) You were operating said motor vehicle3) You operated said motor vehicle in a reckless manner. If you want legal advice, talk to a lawyer.

Will I get arrested if I wear this t-shirt?

Not in America, it is a free country. Freedom of the press and speech.