Can a permanent resident draw social security disability?

Answer On One Hand: Aliens' Rights to BenefitsNon-citizens who have worked and paid into the Social Security system can collect Social Security Disability Insurance benefits when they are disabled. Aliens... Read More »

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Can a permanent resident receive Social Security benefits?

Permanent residents of the U.S. have many of the same basic privileges as U.S. citizens, including Social Security after retirement. They must have worked at least 10 years (40 quarters) to receive... Read More »

Are there other benefits available to people receiving permanent social security disability?

There are many insurers licensed by the Division of Insurance. In order to be licensed, an insurer must demonstrate it meets the state's minimum financial requirements to pay claims now and in the ... Read More »

Can I work& draw Social Security disability?

On One Hand: You Can Work Part Time and Draw BenefitsIt is possible to work part time and draw Social Security disability. When the Social Security Administration considers whether a person is qual... Read More »

Is my permanent disability payments from social security and workers compensation exempt from a judgment filed against me in Arizona?