Can a permanent dental bridge be replaced?

Answer Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth, and they can be replaced if needed. According to My Dental Health, a dental bridge can last as long as 10 to 20 years, with good oral hygiene.Sourc... Read More »

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My girlfriend says she's getting fitted with a dental dam. What's best, the permanent or semi-permanent kind?

This sort of question should be in the Sports > Outdoor Recreation > Hunting area. Beavers build dams fella.

Why in ac bridge galvanometer is replaced by headphone?

I bought them for about 50 dollars which means they would be around 500 pesos give or take.

How do you know you need to have a tooth pulled and replaced with a bridge if it causes you no pain?

%DETAILS% Answer If I were you, I'd get a second opinion just to be sure. That is a lot of money. But if you had a root canal, it won't cause you pain until it's very infected down into the bone.... Read More »

Dental bridge vs. Implants?

I have implants so yes I believe implants are a better choice. I love my implants. You brush and floss them the same as natural teeth and they are just as secure. I hate the idea of ruining perfect... Read More »