Can a pci fax modem connect you to the internet?

Answer On One Hand: A PCI Fax Modem Can Connect to the InternetSince the 1980s, PCI fax modem cards have allowed computer users to connect to the Internet through the phone line. Dial-up Internet access ... Read More »

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Do you need a modem to connect the PS3 to the Internet?

You need a modem to connect your PS3 to the Internet, whether you are connecting to the Internet from a PS3 using a wireless or a wired connection. This can be done several ways, including a DSL mo... Read More »

Do you need a modem to connect to the Internet?

You do not need a modem to connect to the Internet, according to Microsoft. You can use a wireless network card to connect to Wi-Fi hot-spots or create an ad hoc network that links your computer to... Read More »

How to Connect My Laptop to an Internet Modem?

If you don't have a wireless network setup in your home and need to get your laptop online, you can physically connect your laptop to an Internet modem using an Ethernet cable. This type of network... Read More »

Do you have to have a modem to connect to the internet or just a router?

You can have a modem on it's own because it is the device that actually transmits the information to and from the internet network, but you cannot have a router on it's own (modem is a shortened fo... Read More »