Can a patient drink alcohol after having pancreatitis?

Answer On One Hand: Alcohol Aggravates ConditionOne of the most important recommendations in the recovery from pancreatitis is to cease drinking alcohol completely. The National Digestive Diseases Clearin... Read More »

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Can you drink alcohol after having mono?

On One Hand: Alcohol Should Be Safe After MonoThere is no specific medical cause for a person who has recovered from mononucleosis ("mono") not to drink, and the Mayo Clinic and Medline Plus do not... Read More »

I'm still having mini spasm's after quitting alcohol after 6 days?

Some people have muscle spasms and jerks for a solid six months into sobriety. A deficiency of the mineral magnesium in your blood causes muscle spasms, and alcohol makes the kidneys empty more w/o... Read More »

What should you eat or drink after having 4 wisdom teeth pulled if you haven't had anything to eat or drink in almost 24 hours?

Answer Well, within the first 24 hours, while you are packing the sides of your face with ice, it doesn't hurt to have a milkshake or soft serve ice cream, but you MUST eat with a spoon, do NOT use... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol after taking the morning after pill?

Drinking alcohol will not diminish the effectiveness of the "morning after pill," which means it is safe to consume alcohol after taking the pill. However, you should still exercise the usual cauti... Read More »